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Frequently Asked Questions – Design your own debit card

I can really design my own debit card?

Yes, you can. PictureCard is our version of personalized Debit Cards that simply lets you create the way your debit card will look. You can choose from one of the many images in our galleries or upload your own picture. You are different from everyone else, so why shouldn't the design of your card be different?

What kinds of pictures may I put on my PictureCard?

We have provided Debit Card Guidelines to assist you in determining what can be used when creating your design.

What if my design is rejected?

We will be sure to notify you via email if your card isn't accepted. A simple change in the image you uploaded may be all it takes to get your card accepted. You will not be charged if your card is rejected.

Can I bring a picture into the bank for my PictureCard?

We have created a secure website that allows you to design your card and see what it will look like before you submit your design. We do not allow outside USB’s, thumbdrives or the like, to be connected to our network for security reasons.

How often can I change the image on my card?

As often as you'd like. Each time you change your card choice there will be a $5 fee applied to your account.

Will my PIN change on my card?

Not necessarily. After you submit the image to the bank to be printed you will select your PIN when you go to pick up your card. There may be a short wait for the printing process.

Will there be a difference in how my new card works versus the old one?

Not at all. Your new card will work just like the previous one.

What if I don't have an account with First Midwest Bank?

Not a problem. You will need to open an account with First Midwest Bank before you can receive your created card. To learn about our account options, review our Checking Accounts page.

I have a joint account with multiple cards, can both cards contain a different design?

Of course. Each cardholder can design their choice of card. Both cards should be ordered on the same day, otherwise there will be an additional $5 fee assessed when the second card is designed.

If I have a joint account with multiple cards and I want different designs on each card, why do they have to be ordered on the same day?

This is so that we can be sure to maintain the same expiration dates on both cards. If the expiration dates do not match, there will be an issue that occurs during re-order. This issue could cause one of the cards to be inactive. Therefore this is necessary to keep from having your card service interrupted.

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